The GATR Team

Jill Warwick

BA Hons.

GATR Co-Founder & MD/FD

Former Metropolitan Police Service sergeant with 28 years experience in street duties, custody, advanced driving, first contact officer, training with specialist subjects in Equality and Diversity, Communication/Interview skills and Aviation law/issues. Since the business management buyback from GATR’s former parent company, Jill has managed the company through challenging financial situations and the negative impact of the Covid era. She currently leads our team of fire investigation subject matter experts and support staff.

Mick Gardiner

BA Hons.

GATR CO-Founder • Business Development Director

Spent the last eleven of his twenty-seven years service in the London Fire Brigade as a full time fire investigator, examining over 1200 Tier Two scenes.

Contributor to the design & development of the UK National Occupational Standard and conversion into the SFJ Awards Level 5 Certificate criteria. Former CRFP Lead Assessor and IAAI Training & Education working group.

Since 1995, Mick has been involved in the training of thousands of UK and overseas practitioners and currently leads a GATR Business Development Team of six associates.

Chris Ward

Director & Company Chair

Formerly 30 years with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service, he retired as Group Manager having maintained a fire investigation reference for many years, He has lectured at the Oman Fire Service College and Sultan Qaboos University. He has a BSc in Forensic Science. (GATR Instructor / Assessor, Course Manager)

Alan Munford

Director & Projects Manager • Head of Assessment Centre

Formerly 36 years with Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service and holding fire investigation reference for much of that time. He sat on the initial working party that converted the UK Fire Investigation National Occupational Standards into a Skills for Justice Level 5 Certificate. (GATR Instructor / Assessor, Course Manager).

Dave Stokes

Director & Phoenix Heights Manager

Formerly 40 years with Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Services. As Station Commander he was lead fire investigation co-ordinator with regional reference. Contributor to UK NOS. (GATR Instructor, Assessor).

Mick Conlon

Director & Internal Quality Assessor

Formerly 32 years with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service. Mick completed an MSc in Fire Scene Investigation in 2015 and completed his Cert Ed in 2003.  (Current GATR Instructor / Assessor and Level 2 Manager).

Bill Rebello

Director & Phoenix Heights Manager • Head of Facilities

Formerly 30 years service with the London Fire & Rescue Service. Since the turn of the Millennium, Bill and his teams have been responsible for the refurbishment, furnishing and dressing of hundreds of our Phoenix Heights fire compartments. In addition to overseeing his maintenance and development teams, Bill has provided technical assistance to many public and private sector clients who need to carry out fire related research projects and product tests in the name of science.


John Hubble

Phoenix Heights Manager

Formerly 28 years with Wiltshire and Suffolk Fire and Rescue Services, he became Group Manager and lead fire investigation co-ordinator with regional reference. Contributor to UK NOS. (GATR Instructor, Assessor).

Malcolm Jenkins

Health & Safety Manager

Formerly 31 years with Avon Fire & Rescue Service. In 2003, he set up the Avon FRS Arson Task Force and managed the FI team for 8 years. In 2010 received an MSc in Fire Investigation from Anglia Ruskin University. Also has a HDN in Fire Command and Management. (GATR Instructor/Assessor).

Clive Gregory

Associate • Dog Handler

Formerly 30 years with West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service spending much of his later years as a full time fire investigator. He introduced accelerant search dogs to the British Fire Service and currently has Trooper. (GATR Practical Instructor/support and dog handler).

Colin Heyes


Formerly 30 years with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service. During the last nine years of his Fire and Rescue Career, Colin joined the service’s Fire Investigation Team as a Flexi SM. His time spent as Lead Fire Investigator for the Service also involved the mentorship, direction of the training and CPD of colleagues. (GATR Instructor / Assessor and Level 5 Manager).

Mick Cloonan


Formerly Scientific Support Manager at Scotland yard with 36 yrs service. (GATR Forensic Advisor and currently serving as one of GATR’s Forensic Instructors).

Jack Deans


Formerly 35 years as a Senior Fingerprint Expert at New Scotland Yard. Jack presented expert evidence at the Old Bailey receiving two Deputy Assistant Commissioner’s Commendations. He is UK Registered Fingerprint Expert and Fellow of both The Fingerprint Society and The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. (GATR Head of Research and Consultant Fingerprint Expert).

Nick Stuart


45 years in the IT and electronics industry. Nick has a wealth of experience in instrumentation and technical projects. Including electronic hardware development and construction. He utilises his skills to provide Instrumentation, Visual Aids and production to GATR courses.

Paul Canning


Forensic Photography Consultant with 28 yrs. as a Professional Photographer and Instructor, specialising in forensic, commercial and medical photography. Formerly 14yrs with Metropolitan Police Service as a forensic Photographer, Instructor and Manager.

Mike Adams


Formerly 27 years’ experience in law enforcement that has covered the Midlands, West London and the South East Wales area. With an Msc in Forensic & Legal Psychology from the University of Leicester Mike was seconded to the Fire Crime Unit within South Wales Fire & Rescue Service and involved in community projects that included target hardening, crime prevention, seasonal grass fires, arson and fire related Anti-Social Behaviour. (GATR Advisor for Police FI Training).

Simon Munford


Following achieving first class degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and researching class 4 free-space lasers for communication, Simon spent 6 years working for Hawkins as a fire, explosion and electrical forensic investigator. (GATR Instructor, webmaster and online systems support). Simon also works as a forensic investigator for EFI Global.

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