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Since 1999/2000, when our company first built a bespoke fire investigation training and research facility, on a remote area of the former RAF airfield at MDP HQ Wethersfield, and then from 2010, when we relocated to adjacent part of the land, over 2/3 consecutive days each Spring and late Summer, we set an average of six controlled compartment fires for training & research purposes.


Our fire investigation training & research facilities have been inspected by representatives of the Environment Agency and our activities have been exempted by the local Authority from Section 2 the Clean Air Act 1993, under schedule 1 (3) regulations, as the burning activities is in connection with (a) Research into the cause and control of fire (b) Training in fire fighting.


Our six electrically energised bespoke fire compartments, about the average size of a domestic room, are contained within a remote, electrically powered, single storey structure, constructed of building materials in common use.


Prior to each of our Burns Days events, our teams of subject matter experts freshly furnish the rooms as lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bed sits or small shops or other retail units etc. Our technical experts then install time/temperature equipment to monitor fire growth and suppression, whilst filming each event for training and further research purposes GATR.


Since 1999/2000, our company has maintained a harmonious professional relationship with other occupants of the former RAF base and bolstered the local economy. By training hundreds of UK Fire & Rescue Service, Police Service and private-sector, fire scene examiners, we are able to feed lessons learnt into fire safety and arson reduction strategies. ‘Live, Learn and Pass It On’.

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