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I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who

— Rudyard Kipling

Who & When

Since the founding of our original company in 1995, our multi-disciplined teams of subject matter experts, have continued to design and deliver a range of training programmes, to thousands of delegates representing UK and overseas Fire Services, Police Services, Forensic Providers, the Insurance industry, and other private sector interest groups.


Our teams of associates: Pioneered the inter-agency team approach; Contributed to the design and development of National and Regional Policy and Practice Reviews; The National Occupational Standard; Assisted Skills for Justice to convert the NOS components into the Level 5 Certificate in Fire Investigation assessment criteria and design our Level 2 Award and Online Introduction (Theory) course options.

What & Why

Under the banner of ‘Live, Learn and Pass It On’, our associates continue to pass on their knowledge and collective experiences to fire investigators, routinely undertaking Tier One and/or complex Tier Two scene investigations. Lessons learnt, fire safety and crime reduction strategies, designed to reduce property loss and the number of fire deaths and injuries and to motivate further research.

Where & How

In addition to our Online options, theory sessions are delivered in appropriate classroom environments. Hands-on sessions are delivered at our bespoke fire investigation training and assessment facility ‘Phoenix Heights’ in Wethersfield, Essex. Regional events can be pre-arranged at the clients’ venues. 

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